Monday, 5 October 2015

Wife grabs husband's manhoodafter catching him withhousemaid

Some women can be said to be super women as
they are not ready to brook any nonsense when
it comes to a cheating husband.
Such is the case with this woman who allegedly
caught her husband having sex » with
nine-year-old housemaid and instead of throwing
tantrums and crying her eyes out over the randy
man's actions, she took things into her hands
and made sure she gave him a lesson he would
not forget in a hurry.
The angry wife did the unthinkable and grabbed
her philandering husband's » genital and
paraded him around the neighbourhood for all to
see the kind of man she got married to.
This is not the first time such an incident would
play itself out as an Edo State based pastor was
allegedly caught with his pants down inside the
bedroom of a married woman in Benin, the state
capital sometime last year and given the same
naked parade treatment.

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