Saturday, 10 October 2015

Sir Alex Ferguson backsJose Mourinho to Succeed at Chelsea

Sir Alex Ferguson has backed Chelsea to regain
their usual elite form under Jose Mourinho after a
dismal start to the Premier League season.

Chelsea are 16th in the table after earning just
eight points from as many games and suffering
four defeats -- one more than they lost during
their entire title-winning campaign last season.
Ferguson, the legendary Manchester United
manager who is in the United States promoting
his new book "Leading," told ESPN FC that he
was as surprised as anyone by Chelsea's
lacklustre start.
"For Jose, it's probably the first time it's come
up, a situation whereby his team is now fifth-
bottom of the week. Unbelievable," Ferguson said.
"Everyone, including myself, are thinking they
were going to be difficult to beat. But great
managers find solutions."
Ferguson also said Mourinho had a clear plan in
his bombastic interview following Chelsea's most
recent 3-1 defeat to Southampton, in which he
spoke uninterrupted for over seven minutes and
said he should stay on as manager.
"I think that Jose's press conference the other
day was challenging the owner to support him in
a bad time," Ferguson said.
"At times you maybe don't think you're getting
complete support from everyone, but it happens.
It's not always correct, and I don't think it's
correct what Jose's thinking at the moment -- I
think he's got the support.
"He will find a solution. It may take a few weeks,
but you've got to remember, he's lost his
goalkeeper [Thibaut] Courtois, who's a fantastic
"John Terry is in a little difficulty adjusting to his
last season maybe, who knows -- he played
every game last season, the best central defender
they've ever had -- and he's in a difficult time.
"So if the span of your team is not what it
normally is, do you expect to get consistent
results? I don't think so. "
Mourinho has said he would quit if he ever lost
support of his players, but Ferguson said that
would not be an issue.
"I think, knowing Jose Mourinho and the one
thing I always admired about him and his team,
they always play for him, they always try, so the
ingredients are correct," Ferguson said. "He just
has to find the solution to get his team back on
track and I think he'll do it."

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