Wednesday, 7 October 2015

How to keep a long, standing and healthy relationship or marriage

Loving is like a side of a coin, being loved is the other. Naturally is rare to be loved by the ones you love. Love they say is the sweetest feeling where as being truly loved is the greatest wish of man. Keeping a long and healthy relationship appear to be something most individuals found her go do.
Building a relationship isn't as easy as it looks. At the point where a relationship starts, the feeling is being felt to be strong and vibrant. But after some months or weeks, it depreciates.

Why? This is because love is a feeling. Its a state of the mind. Its never eternal. Its seasoned, but can be revived by caring and decision.

7 things needed to build a long and healthy relationship

1. Love

To make it healthy, love must be available. Its love that makes you value your partner. Love makes him/her look perfect and better than the new faces appearing great like a camelion.

2. Care

This is the aspect of love that is like its love. A times most people misinterpret care as love. Caring isn't always out of love but loving must depict some level of care.

3. Time

Creating great time for your partner goes a long way in building a long lasting relationship. It paves for friendship. Dating your friend is having a long standing relationship. With time to talk over some personal issues with no secrets or restrictions builds some level of commitment and a strong bond between you two.

4. Decision

This is one attribute most married couples lack. This is the most reason we keep having divorce cases or heartbreaks. This is why most guys/girls are flirts. In the beginning you were madly in love but along the line you lost the feeling. Your partner no longer  interests you. Dear all you need is Decision. Love is a feeling. its seasoned...but so far your partner still loves you, decide to remain to remain loved. This will revive your feelings in as much as you have some great time together and care for each other.

5. Honesty

Where there is  no honesty there is no agreements. Where there is distrust there is no moving forward. Where there is no agreements there are no achievements. Honest is something that keeps a relationship. Honesty builds some level of trust. It makes it easy for you and your partner to agree and be open. Keeping secrets creates room for distrust. To have a long and healthy relationship, be honest.

6. Trust

For one to be able to date for 2 and above years even unto marriage, one must relate with trust. You can't be with your partner every second on the second. So you need trust to be able to be rest assured you're not being cheated upon. Whenever you have the feeling of being cheated, you loose the fun and joy in your marriage or relationship.

7. Sex

I will love to summarize with this last point, Sex! To be able to stick to one lover, be open with your partner on sexual matters. Most people don't feel satisfied on bed and yet they keep their mouth shut with the fear he/she might think you are cheating or addicted. No! Not when you tell your spouse you enjoy him/her and want to try something new. Not when you tell him/her how much he satisfies you and that you need MORE. This will make him/her try to keep pleasing you sexually and thus keep improving. Telling him/her that you feel unsatisfied is a wrong way to tease him/her. Sex is vital in a long and healthy relationship. Try as much as possible to be satisfied by your lover and avoid dirty talks outside. It makes you you desiring more even when you're satisfied.

Am sure this article will really help us to built great homes and long, lasting and healthy relationships


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