Saturday, 3 October 2015

Chelsea fans crying on twitter for Mourinho's sack

Chelsea’s disastrous season continued with a 3-1
home defeat by Southampton on Saturday that
left Jose Mourinho’s Premier League champions
10 points off the pace in 16th place.
This is by far the worst spell of Mourinho’s career

and the manager this week found himself in the
unfamiliar position of being forced to defend his
methods following reports of discontent within his
Now, people are clamouring for his sack on
Twitter and the tweets show no mercy at all.

Check them out:

“ Never in this lifetime did I think
that that Mourinho will get sacked
before Wenger. Football is the best
soap opera! — Manchester United
(@MUFC_linkup) October 3, 2015

‘ Mourinho’s excuses for Chelsea’s
poor displays so far RAFA’S WIFE
— mr victor ikpeba (@mrvictorikpeba)
October 3, 2015

‘ Is Mourinho managing the
England rugby team tonight? — Piers
Morgan (@piersmorgan) October 3,

‘ “This is a crucial moment in the
history of this club. “If they sack me,
they sack the best manager they have
had.” #Mourinho is a goner —
ArsenalFanTV (@arsenalfantv) October
3, 2015

‘ Mourinho might think I’m little
bit specialist in failure, but even I
haven’t lost 3-1 at home to
Southampton. — Wenger Knows Best
(@wengerknowsbest) October 3, 2015

‘ Jose Mourinho’s post-match
interview was desperate and
embarrassing and he’s receiving a lot
of ridicule for it…
TGAQGzepS5 — TheSPORTbible
(@TSBible) October 3, 2015

‘ I never thought I would feel sorry
for Mourinho, but seeing him beg on
national TV for his job was rather sad.
— Addy (@Addyylaide) October 3, 2015

‘ Mourinho trying to win the EPL — Masaku
(@masaku_) October 3, 2015

‘ Mourinho is a cry baby He can’t
admit his failures He’s rude and has no
education He is an enemy to football A
total embarrassment — John
(@John_AFC_Gooner) October 3, 2015

‘ Mourinho stopped being the
‘Special One’ since he left Milan… —
Footy Accumulators (@FootyAccums)
October 3, 2015

‘ Mourinho has blamed everyone
this season: Ref, Medics, Players, FA,
TV pundits and a partridge in a Pear
tree. — R. (@alrhemist) October 3,
‘ Mourinho is such a pathetic sore
loser — Jazmine Brown
(@Jazza_babes) October 3, 2015
‘ ”@Unitedholic_ : The
difference between Mourinho and a
baby? The baby stops crying after a
while” — Ellyn (@cute_ellyn) October 3,

‘ Mourinho will blame his players,
the coaches, medics, refs, the economy,
the Kardashians and global warming
before taking any of the blame —
GoonRambler (@GoonRambler) October
3, 2015

‘ Meanwhile somewhere in the UK
wQ6RDt8mM0 — ArsenalFanTV
(@arsenalfantv) October 3, 2015

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