Saturday, 11 July 2015

Who I called my sister is actually my mother – Dencia

It came as a rude shock to pop singer, Dencia,
when she realised that the lady she had always
referred to as her sister is actually her mother.
In a chat with Saturday Beats, the fair skinned
singer said that she went into a state of severe
depression when she found out.
Years later, she has been able to come to terms
with the reality of her birth and has fought the
depression. She said that everything is fine in her
family but nobody seems to want to tell her the
story of her birth.
“I went into depression; it was a severe case of
depression. It was a very hard and trying period
for me but I am glad that I was able to get out
of it and get my life back together. My
depression was not because of what the media
said about me, it was more of a family matter.
Not many people know my story. I was raised by
my grandparents and till I clocked 16, I did not
know that the person who I thought was my
sister was actually my mother and the lady I
thought was my mother was my grandmother. I
cry whenever I tell the story and the truth is that
it really never affected me until I became an
adult. They found it difficult to tell me the real
story and anytime I wanted to talk about it,
nobody seemed to want to talk about it. It is a
really complicated story. All I know is that I am
half Nigerian and half Cameroonian,” she said.
The young lady who is currently promoting her
new latest work, African Energy, said that she
does not have a lover but would get one when
the time is right.
“I am not in any serious relationship. I talk to
some guys here and there especially in Europe
but there has never been anything serious. When
the time comes, I would definitely be with
somebody and take some time off my work,” she

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