Sunday, 12 July 2015

The story behind Cossy, Saraphina Big boobs tango

Since Potpourri broke the story of Cossy meeting
bigger boobs in Saraphina Amaechi on set of a
yet-to-be released movie, ‘Ara Saraphina’,
blogging hounds have been feeding off it like it
was a feast of some sort. But all of them have
been clueless as to the real story behind the
tango. Some went with the flow that the boobs
contest took place in the film, ‘Ara Saraphina’,
but none could proffer the real story.
The film, ‘Ara Saraphina’, is about a young girl,
‘Saraphina Amaechi’, blessed with humongous
boobs. She becomes cynosure of all eyes
wherever she goes because of this. At one time, a
bad boy, named Morocco (Zubi Michaels), fell in
love with her because he was smitten by the
boobs. But because of the attention Saraphina
gets wherever she goes, Morocco was unable to
keep her all to himself because many men also
want her.
Then, an American returnee, Mathew (Chibuzor
Emelu Simon) appeared on the scene and wanted
Saraphina too. But this was something Morocco
would not have and the duo found themselves in
a series of face-offs which led to Morocco killing
Mathew. Morocco was thereafter sentenced to
death by firing squad. Later, he confessed he was
under the spell of Ara Saraphina’s boobs and
advised young men to desist from getting
infatuated with girls.
While the story centres around Saraphina
Amaechi, Zubi Michaels and Chibuzor Emelu
Simon, there are side attractions from Ebube
Nwagbo and Cossy Orjiakor. Ebube Nwagbo was
the girl who was always intimated by Saraphina’s
boobs, and so wanted humongous boobs of her
own. She decided to have breast enlargement
surgery which eventually killed her. For Cossy,
hers was a cameo appearance that pitched her
boobs and against Saraphina’s in a boobs
contest, which she won.

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