Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Sweet Death!!! Married church elder diesduring sex with prostitute

A married church elder in Zimbabwe, Gifford
Mudondo, has reportedly dropped dead » in a
prostitute's house during a hot sex session »
with the lady of the night, reports World Wide
Weird News.
The 67-year-old Mudondo
from the Mucheke
suburb, according to police spokesperson,
Nkululeko Nduna, was found dead at Maida
Chin'anga's bedroom on the bed with his
trousers on the floor.
Police were alerted of the incident and upon
arrival, removed Mudondo's body from the
woman's bedroom, against the wishes of his
church members and family.
A source said:
"Mudondo left his vehicle parked at the terminus
apparently to avoid being seen by other
congregants. The next thing we heard of his
death and his body was found on the woman's
bed while naked with his trousers on the floor."
The source also revealed that Mudondo was
Chin'anga's well-known client with and that their
escapades had been known to many, even in
their church and some of his family members.

"What we got pertaining to this incident is that
Mudondo and Chin'anga were having sex. The
two were seen on several occasions together
despite the fact that the man is a church elder at
Zaoga and the woman, a known sex worker in
the location."

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