Sunday, 12 July 2015

See The Food A Couple Served Their Guests At Their White Wedding In Benue with condom on it (See Photos)

White wedding in Nigeria is usually an occasion
of joy where people eat whatever they like.
There is usually all varieties of food that
accompany the occasion.Usually in the villages
where many people are poor,some people attend
wedding because of food.Some even go with bags
to gather food and take them home.
When such people hear about wedding,they start
making preparations for weeks before the
wedding.I won't blame because life is damn
difficult for many people.It is all about making the
best use of any opportunity that comes your way.
A couple that held their wedding recently in TIV
land,Benue state, Nigeria surprised many people
by serving them food with a packet of condom on
top of each food probably because of the high
rate of HIV in TIV land.

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