Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Radio Biafra claims it is still live on air, calls President a paedophile

NBC lied to their master and gullible baboons
and monkeys are jumping up and down.

Radio Biafra has debunked claims by the
National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), that
it has shut-down the signals of the rogue radio

You will recall that Dr Yemi Folasade-Esan, the
Permanent Secretary in the Federal Ministry of
Information, to spoke to newsmen saying “We
also gave a report on (Radio Biafra) that
because right now the signals from Radio Biafra
have been jammed. The National Broadcasting
Commission (NBC) has successfully jammed
Well, Radio Biafra via their Twitter handle, said it
is not true.
Radio Biafra Is Live in BIAFRA LAND: NBC
WOE TO YOU AND YOUR LIES:         NBC lied to
their master.
They cannot even ban our local
station, do they even know we also transmit via
satellite and online as well? Have you seen why
we call Nigerians baboons and monkeys, it’s
because they are incapable of reasoning. No one
baboon even the so-called terrorist in chief
Buhari, were able to ask NBC which platform
they jammed. Nigerians stupidity is appalling.”
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airwaves, Nigerians react »
Also, on their website they showed a video that
referred to President Muhammadu Buhari a

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