Saturday, 25 July 2015

(PHOTO) How to know your lovers sensitive spots during love making

Sex is a combination of foreplay and
penetration, so when a man skips the
former and heads for the penetration,
Women will always complain. Most
women even say things like
“He doesn’t even know that there are
more spots on a woman’s body
that gives her pleasure than her nipples
and the ones in her vagina.”

Whereas when it comes to the male
body, 98 percent of women will clearly
tell you that there is only one true hot
spot on the male body? Well, not
exactly. When asked to rate the level of
arousal for different body parts, men
offered up a surprising variety of
erogenous zones, according to a recent
study in the journal Cortex .
Of course, men rated the penis as the
ultimate erogenous zone, while women
rated the clitoris as the top spot, it was
clear from the study that men and
women shared a similar range of
arousal. “I think the sex differences in
erogenous zones have been
exaggerated,” says lead study author
Oliver Turnbull, Ph.D., professor at
Bangor University in the U.K.
“Basically, women are not the only
gender that appreciates some attention
on your neck and inner thighs. And
working your way through each of these
erotic areas—rather than going straight
for the bulls eye—definitely wouldn’t be
a bad idea” says Turnbull.
Researchers surveyed 793 men and
women recruited through colleges in the
U.K. and South Africa and asked them
to rate each body part on a scale of 1
to 10 in terms of level of arousal (10
being the hottest). Check out the info-
graphic below to find out which spots
made it to the top of the male list, plus,
the hot zones on your body that deserve
a little more attention:

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