Monday, 6 July 2015

No man is poor in my diary — Bose Oladimeji

Bose Oladimeji is beginning to get all the
attention in the Yoruba film industry, for both her
talent and good looks. But Bose, from Kwara
State and an English graduate of Tai Solarin
University of Education, Ogun State, is burning
with desire to do things most of her colleagues
wouldn’t dare even though she wouldn’t cross the
rubicon of going nude.
But there is something bothering Bose and it has
nothing to do with going nude. The interview she
granted Vanguard sometime in April, where she
stated she could never marry a poor man,
according to her, has been haunting her. In her
opinion, she believes people misconstrued what
she really meant.
“People have completely misunderstood the
statement. In my diary no man is really poor
unless he believes himself to be poor. What I
actually meant was that I want my man to be
hardworking, good, calm, intelligent, trustworthy,
caring and loving. What I meant was a lazy man.
I can’t marry a lazy man. If a man is lazy he puts
his family in danger of insecurity, poverty and
want. I can marry any man as long as he is not
lazy and ready to work and allow me to work too.
I can’t be a full housewife because to me it is a
sign of laziness” she explained in a chat with
In spite of being in the industry for just a couple
of years, Bose Oladimeji has produced four films
of her own. “Oniduro was my first production,
followed by Laye Lorun, Adajo Aye and my latest
work, Aye Mi. Apart from those I produced, I have
featured in so many other films that I cannot
count” she once told Potpourri.

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