Sunday, 19 July 2015

My pastor-dad buys my bikinis – Queen Adakole

Fast-rising Nollywood actress and model, Queen
Adakole has her eyes only for the top. The 24
year-old Benue State dark-skinned beauty is set
to take the entertainment industry by storm with
her target of reaching out to a minimum of 15
million people.
Her acting started in 2005 when she featured in
‘Queen of tomorrow’, a film that was shot in
Ghana, Benin Republic and Nigeria. But soon after
that, she had to quit acting at her parents
insistence, because of their belief that she would
not complete school if she continued to be
mesmerised by the alluring world of acting.
She listened to them and quit acting to pursue
her education squarely. She returned seven years
later and this time her parents supported her
wholeheartedly. She ‘s a bit of a daddy’s girl and
confessed to Potpourri how she is so close to her
dad who is a pastor.
“My father is a pastor, but he’s one of my biggest
fans. When I’m on a stage or somewhere
performing, the first clap I hear is from my dad
and it has always been like that. Let me tell you
one secret, my dad buys me most of my bikinis”
she quips
Adding, “He’s a pastor in the Republic of Benin.
He buys my bikinis and underwears till date. My
mother has also been very supportive. She’s my
P.R.O (Public Relations Officer). She’s always
telling people about my movies and stuffs. I have
the best family.”

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