Wednesday, 1 July 2015

More Protests in Anambra over transfer of Boko haram to Anambra prison

Traders and residents of Ekwulobia in Aguata
Local Government Area of Anambra State,
Tuesday, closed shops and businesses in protest
against alleged transfer of Boko Haram detainees
to the Prisons in the town on Sunday night.
Traders in Onitsha had last weekend protested for
the same reason, despite assurances by the
prisons authorities that there was no such plan.
The protesters displayed placards with
inscriptions as “Ekwulobia town doesn’t need
Boko Haram prisoners” “Please save our state
from Boko Haram insurgents” “Why Ekwulobia of
all the towns, Why Anambra State of all the
FILE PROTEST: Youths protesting alleged planned
relocationn of Boko Haram prisoners to Anambra
State in Onitsha.
The protesting traders and residents in Ekwulobia
and old Aguata Local Government and Orumba
North and South were joined in the protest by
members of South East Markets Amalgamated
Traders Association, SEMATAS.
Addressing the protesters, President-General of
SEMATAS, Chief Okwudili Ezenwankwo, and
Coordinator South East Markets Amalgamated
Traders Association, Chief Gozie Akudolu, said
South East zone needed no more trouble.
Ezenwankwo said: ‘’We have confirmed that the
story of bringing Boko Haram detainees after our
protest and closing of markets in Onitsha last
Saturday is true, the detainees were said to have
been sent on last Sunday night, the prison
officials in Ekwulobia confirmed the story for us
and we are not happy.
“They are 49 detainees, they were brought on
Sunda, June 28 night under tight security, our
worry is that we will be having their friends
visiting them in the prisons and they will be
coming with all types of dangerous plans, before
you know it we will be talking of jail breaks and if
iit happens we are in trouble.

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