Friday, 24 July 2015

I’m lucky to have married early –Omotola

Star actress, Omotola Salade-Ekeinde, shares a
few ‘little secrets’ about herself and her career,
CHUX OHAI writes
Two months ago, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde was at
the centre of a gathering storm on social media,
after she posted a message on her Twitter page,
allegedly criticising those trekking long distances
in honour of some leading politicians in the
country and addressing them as “silly youths
trekking their future away”.
The tweet had gone viral on the Internet and
Omotola had immediately found herself at the
receiving end of criticism from many users of the
social media who felt she had no business
meddling in other people’s affairs.
But, recalling the episode, in a recent meeting
with journalists in Lagos, she defended her
comment by reminding her critics that it was her
business, after all, to worry about the trekkers,
since their actions were in the public domain.
She said, “It is not that I am against trekking. My
point is that people should either do something
for nothing or they do it for fun. Although some
people have said it is not my business, I’m now
saying that it is my business. For crying out loud,
if I say that I am trekking to go and celebrate,
maybe a Boko Haram person, everybody will
pounce on me. They will see it as immoral,
considering the fact that many innocent Nigerians
have lost their lives to the activities of the group.”
The actress counted herself as fortunate enough
to have been married at a young age.
“If I hadn’t been married earlier, I probably would
not be by now. I don’t know if any other man
would have been able to handle me the way my
husband has done. It is not because I am a bad
person. I am actually a very strong woman,” she

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