Monday, 27 July 2015

I hope to work with younger artistes- Paul Play

Popular Nigerian singer, Paul Play Dairo, who is
known for bringing out great RnB hits in the late
90s and early 2000, is back to doing what he has
always loved doing which is music.
The singer in a recent interview with TVC
programme, On The Town, monitored by, stated that the music industry
is now filled with young singers who have
changed the system totally.
He said that he is planning a comeback after a
long while he left the scene due to health issues
but noted that he had to observe the market and
see how he can blend along with the younger
ones who are doing fine in the industry.
According to him, “The younger generations are
doing well and I have sat down to watch the
industry so coming back, I will have see how to
work along with them.”
When Paul Play launched his way into the
Nigerian music scene in 1999, riding on the
goodwill and success of his late father, IK Dairo,
he enjoyed solid patronage. Within a short period,
he also earned an independent voice of his own,
springing hit singles that include 'Mosorire,'
'Happy Day' and 'Yes O!'
In 2009, however, his career was threatened when
he fell ill in South Africa, while shooting some
music videos for his last album and had to be
rushed to a hospital. In his absence, the media
was awash with speculations over the nature of
the illness. It was rumoured that he had cancer,
kidney failure to a spiritual attack. Few years
after, he has clearly moved on, choosing not to
dwell on the nature of the ailment.

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