Wednesday, 15 July 2015

How i lost my virginty in Calabar Festival Last year_ Unyime

I Lost my virginity at Calabar Festival
to a girl i met just a few hours before. I Lucky Unyime  from Uyo Local government Area of  Akwa Ibom State.  I had my first experience of sex last year at the Calabar Festival. I was 18
and a half (exactly, which is why I remember the
date) The entire evening was a massive "Oh my
God, me too!"-experience and so, one thing led to
another... Right before we start making out, he
says to me "if a declaration of love appears in Sex & Relationship Paper tomorrow, it's from me to this girl
I'm in love with." - weird moment number 1. We
then agree that what happens at Calabar stays
at Calabar and we head back to my camp, where
I throw my friend out of our tent. At this point it's
pretty obvious what we're going to do, so as we
enter my tent, my friends decide to make sure we
have safe sex by throwing massive amounts of
condoms at us while having a blast.. - Weird
moment number 2. So that's taken care off, and
we proceed to having quiet awkward and bad sex,
him being too drunk to cum of course, and then
go to sleep. As we lay there, he very romantically
says that he likes cuddling up but sleeping next
to each other is also very good......... - Weird
moment number 3. Next morning (a few hours
later), he crawls out of my tent while some of my
friends are still partying outside, wearing a really
Adorable and sexy outfit when he silently walked away. -
Weird moment number 4.

A few minutes later I
join my friends who all knows what has happened
(and that I was a virgin, which he did not) and
we start joking around, when someone comes
back with the paper and I remember the tiny
detail of him trying to get with this other girl. So
at this point, my friends are having quiet a laugh
(ok, me too) and sure enough, there i was - "Hi
..... I love you. .....". - Weird moment number 5.
Now, as said, we had a lot i common, including
both being active members of this union of upper
secondary school students. So a few months
later, we meet again at this protest and following
quite a few awkward moment evetually we hit it
off and joke around about it, right up until he
starts a heavy debate with one of my good friends
about my boobs (yeah, I have pretty big boobs
and they tend to become a subject of attention
whether I want it or not.). - REALLY weird
moment number 6.
It has to be said that I regret nothing even
though it wasn't exactly romantic, not even close
to good sex, and it sounds like a weird story. It
was fun and there was no pressure - it just kind
of happed which was the best for me...

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