Friday, 10 July 2015

Hilarious!!! Friday Akpors Sexy Joke (18+)

A lady visited a Sex Doctor WOMAN: My Husband
is not
interested in sex. DOCTOR: Ok! give these pills to
him. Everyday, put 1 pill in his
tea. the woman did and they had
sex which they enjoyed. Next
day she puts 2 pills in his tea
and they
enjoyed much more sex.
3rd day,
she emptied the whole bottle in
Two days later Doctor called
to know the progress. Her Son picked and
Mom is in coma at
d moment, Aunt is in hospital,
is suing Dad for rape, My own ass hurts and its
bleeding and
is still running naked in d
garden, shouting Bingo! Bingo!!
Even the Dogs are running 4 their lives. Hahahahahahah

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