Tuesday, 14 July 2015

EPISODE 1: You can actually build a great firm with little or no Capital (See how)

Do you have a business idea that money seem the hindrance?

Do you know you can possible raise money easily to start up your business or build your firm? Do you know you can actually start from anywhere, anytime and with any little capital? Do you know you can actually build that firm, materialise that dream with little or no capital?

Some years ago I had a couple of dreams, some huge business plans I penned down hoping to get money to give it life. I wasted years doing that but now I know I could have started even with no money.

Onyema Courage is an upcoming author and business tycoon. I wish this post can take it all but if it doesn't I promise to write the part 2 of this.

Money was meant for exchange of value. Remember "trade by barter?" Yah! Money was used to replace the 2nd value used in exchange for the first. Dear friend you can actually manifest that dream. All you need it's passion to succeed, be determined to be a success and be self confident that your value is expensive and many can pay to have you add value to them.
Add value to people atimes for nothing is exchange. Volunteer to help others who has money to stand rather than folding your arms waiting for money... getting involved in other to help others offers you experience and grants you connections and opportunities. No man will ever fail to appreciate your good especially when its unique and creative.

Definately know this article is an intro of how to build a firm with little or no capital. Expect subsequent episodes of this. But hope you understand where am driving at.

"Life is a computer, the output is a replica of the input data"_Onyema Courage

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