Thursday, 23 July 2015

Emeka Ike's Divorce Mess: He Deflowered Me, But I Don't Want Him Again - Wife

I still love my wife, says Emeka Ike
“He disvirgined me but I’m no longer interested
in him”, wife alleges battery
Ace Actor Emeka Ike yesterday prayed the Lagos
Island Customary Court not to dissolved his
marriage, saying he still loves his wife, Emma.
Emma had gone to court, seeking dissolution of
their 12-year-old marriage.
Emeka, represented by his counsel, Abdul’Hakeem
Labi-Lawal, said his client has not appeared in
court because he is ill.
“My client is ill but I will try my best possible he
comes on the next adjourned date. We indulge the
court to give us six months from this day to see if
there is possibility of settlement between the
couple,” he said.
But Mrs Ike said six months was too long adding
that the respondent had two years to reconcile
with her but he didn’t.

She said: “The last time I wanted to speak with
our children, it was my mother-in-law who
picked the call and asked if I had read Exodus 21
which says that if I go, I shouldn’t return.”
The court’s President, Chief Awos Awosola, said
the court could only grant two weeks.
He said: “I am expecting Emeka Ike in this court if
he really wants settlement.”
Awosola adjourned the matter till August 12 for
further hearing.
After the court rose, Mrs Ike told The Nation that
she wasn’t ready to return to her husband. “Over
two years since I left the house, he never taught
of reconciliation. He had every opportunity to ask
me to return but he didn’t. So why now?”she
Mrs Ike said her husband took her last two
children from her when she was going for her
mother’s burial in February.
“He promised to bring them to me immediately I
returned from my mother’s burial but he didn’t.
Even when he didn’t allow me access to see our
children, I spoke with them on several occasions
but now, he doesn’t allow me anymore. My
children are now against me, she said.
Mrs Ike said she left her matrimonial home
because she could no longer bear being tortured
“If I was still with him, I may not survive. I was
19-year old when I met him and he was the one
who deflowered me. I see no reason I shouldn’t
be treated with utmost respect.
“Due to physical torture, my health has been
affected. There was even a time I thought I had
breast cancer because I felt a lump on one part of
my breast.” Mrs Ike said.
She said things became worse last Sunday when
she called her husband to speak with their
In tears, Mrs Ike said:”I almost went mad when
my first son told me on phone that if I truly loved
them, I wouldn’t have abandoned them. Even my
seven-year-old son whose day wouldn’t be
complete without seeing me said he doesn’t love
me. I love my children. I miss my children. I never
abandoned them. I am in pain. They don’t have
any other mother. I really need my children. I am
a good woman; I endured so many things as his
The union produced four children between ages 4
and 13.

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