Monday, 27 July 2015

Chris Brown Cleared To LeavePhilippines

The 26-year-old singer insists he has done
nothing wrong

Hip hop star Chris Brown has been allowed to
leave the Philippines, where he had been
stranded after getting caught up in a legal

The 26-year-old singer had earlier taken to
social media to beg for help in getting out of the
country and insist he had done nothing wrong.
He even posted a video on Instagram, in which
he is seen on his knees pleading to be allowed
to fly out.

The singer took to Twitter to highlight his
plight. Chris Brown/Twitter
"Please, please, let us leave, please," he said in
the video, captioned 'OBAMA!!!!!!' in an apparent
appeal to the US President.
But after a three-day wait, Brown has now been
issued with a certificate permitting him to leave
the country, said an immigration bureau
She said the performer had obtained the
departure clearance at a satellite office and not
the bureau's main building in downtown Manila,
where dozens of journalists had been camped

Brown and his entourage boarded a waiting
private jet at a Manila airport.
Brown was later seen boarding a waiting private
jet at the capital's airport, along with his 10-
strong entourage.
He had been barred from leaving Manila after
fraud allegations were made against him and his
promoter over a cancelled New Year's Eve
The complaint was brought by the indigenous
Christian group Iglesia ni Cristo, which claimed
the star failed to appear at a show for which
they had paid $1m in full.
But in a Twitter post, Brown said: "I have
nothing to do with anything going on right now.
I came back to Manila to do a make-up show
for New Years. I did the show three days ago."
In another, he added; "This is a very serious
situation and someone needs to be held
accountable for mixing my name up in all this.
I've done nothing wrong!!!"
Justice Secretary Leila de Lima said state
prosecutors will summon Brown for a preliminary
investigation into the complaint, but his
presence at this stage was not required.
Charges will be brought if prosecutors find
probable cause to charge the singer and his
"What is important at this point is for him to
know that there are criminal proceedings against
him at the preliminary investigation level," Ms De
Lima said.
As a result of his delayed departure, Brown
missed a concert in Hong Kong.
He had another show booked in the Chinese city
of Macau on Friday night.

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