Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Buhari has popularised Radio Biafra

Some Nigerians and South Easterners and South southerners(Biafra) never knew of this Radio Biafra, their frequency and what they stand for, but last weeks controversial news involving Buhari and Radio Biafra on helped to popularise Radio Biafra in and outside Nigeria.

Some people are asking that the President be
given some more time. But as it is said: there is
no second chance to make a first impression.
Any appointment Buhari makes now from the
South-South, South-East or even South-West
will be seen as “trying to fulfil all righteousness.”
A person with a deeper understanding of human
nature would have started by making more
appointments from the southern parts of Nigeria
than from the North. That would have shut up
the naysayers. When he had wormed his way
into the hearts of the South, he would have
quietly made the key and reserved appointments
from the North, and nobody would have
complained. Those who had worked against
Buhari’s election would have rapidly become his
brand ambassadors.
But there is a critical step Buhari has to take if
he wants to etch his name in gold in Nigeria.
Have you noticed that anytime a South-West
person talks about the glorious days of Nigeria,
he refers to the 1950s and 1960s and reels out
milestones achieved in the old Western Region?
Why is it that any time a South-East person
talks of the glorious days of Nigeria, he refers to
the same 50s and 60s and reels out
achievements recorded by the old Eastern

The same thing goes for those from the
Does it mean that after creating Dr Nnamdi
Azikiwe, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Sir Ahmadu
Bello, Chief Dennis Osadebay and their
contemporaries, God began to create low-quality
leaders for Nigeria? No!
Something terrible happened to Nigeria’s growth
in 1966 when the unitary government was
introduced and sustained ever since, even though
it is referred to as a federal system only in
All our leaders from the 60s cannot be bad year
after year, era after era. The Nigerian structure is
the problem. Corruption is not our fundamental
problem as many say: something is fuelling that
corruption. Tribalism is not our main problem:
something is fuelling that tribalism. Religious
intolerance is not the basic problem: something
is fuelling that religious intolerance. It is also not
hate or envy or anger: something is fuelling the
hate or envy or anger.

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