Wednesday, 1 July 2015

10 Reasons You’re Not Yet a Millionaire

Many people out there desperately want to be
millionaires, and why wouldn’t they? While
money may not buy happiness it can buy a
better, less stressful and more fulfilled life.
However, before you can be a millionaire you
need to have the right strategy and know the
reasons why you haven’t met this goal already.
Everybody who wants to be millionaire but isn’t
has excuses. “I didn’t pick the right career,” “I
can’t afford the schooling,” or “I don’t have
time.” These are not reasons, but just excuses
and excuses only get in the way of your success.
Here are 10 reasons why people do not become

1. You have no one
guiding you in the right

You need to surround yourself with positive
people. Most importantly, you need to find
someone you can trust that will help guide you in
the right direction. The people you trust most
should be the ones pushing you towards
success. This is one advantage I did not have
early on. I am entirely self-taught, which is why I
have created my mentoring program to give that
advantage to others.

2. You aren’t willing to
make sacrifices.

You really cannot have your cake and eat it too,
there are things that you will need to give up. If
you can’t sacrifice things like hanging with
friends or going out and partying in order to
focus on your career, then you will never get the
financial success you have been looking for.

3. You fear failure .

You will fail, you will make mistakes, and you
need to learn to get over it. If you fear failure,
you will never overcome it.

4. Your goals aren’t clear,
so neither are your

If you don’t have a clear goal in mind and clear
action steps in place to reach that goal, you will
never become a millionaire. Take the time to do
the planning and do it right.

5. You think other people
can succeed but not you.
Believe that you can succeed.

Visualize yourself
as that successful man or woman who you once
envied. If you visualize yourself being a
millionaire success, and truly believe it can
happen, you are one step closer to your goal.

6. You think your
background or location
prevents your success.

Nothing can prevent you from success. Lets
repeat that: nothing can prevent you from

7. You aren’t using the

The Internet has changed the world and it
continues to change the world. If you aren’t
using, you aren’t taking advantage of one of the
most powerful money making tools out there.

8. You rationalize money
can’t buy happiness and
forget that it can buy

Money is your ticket to the freedom so many
people want in this world. Freedom can lead to
happiness. To find your motivation focus on the
freedom that money can buy you.

9. You hang out with the
wrong crowd.

The people around you should be your support
system. They should be the people there for you,
pushing you and keeping you positive and
focused. Your crowd of friends and family should
not be distractions or negative in any way. If
they are, it is time to find a new crowd.

10. You play long shots
like the lotto instead of
building your skill set.

Building your own skill set and knowledge base
is better for you in the long term. Sure, it takes
more time and more work but it can lead you to
the long-term success that you desire.
Keep these reasons in mind when you are
working towards your next professional goal. You
will see first hand what you are capable of if you
just put these reasons off to the side and focus
instead on your path towards becoming a

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