Saturday, 6 June 2015

Timaya Talks Why He Refused to Renew His Endorsement Deal With MTN

Timaya told Punch that he wanted more than what he was offered by the telco company.

According to Timaya, “I have always wanted to become an ambassador to a telecommunications company and I was approached by both Globacom and MTN. I chose MTN. I am a businessman and I feel I should have a better deal this year.”

Timaya also said “If the deal is not good enough for me, then it is not right because I worked very hard to get to the stage I am. It could be right for other people but I think I should do better this year. There are some
artistes that are brand ambassadors and they do not have any hit song. They are just there based on pity.

“Every year, I release a hit song and I feel if we are to renew a contract, we have to revisit thebterms and conditions. Not that we would do the
same thing as the last time or do it out of pity.

Being a brand ambassador makes you limited in some certain areas and I expect to be paid for such limitations. I want more. They are good people and we did not have any
misunderstanding. It was purely a businessdecision,”

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