Monday, 11 May 2015


Wonder why I say this?
Well don't border thinking a lot. I will tell you. Be your parents rich or poor(be you born with a silver, golden, or wooden spoon; be you kpako or ajebo) they don't owe you anything apart from giving birth to you. oh yea! I just said that..

Want to know why I said that?
OK let's reason in two aspects
1. Your father is as rich as Dangote, he sent you to primary and secondary school probably because those levels of education in the country are free. But after your secondary school and your SSCE exams and you cane out with an awesome result, he refuse sending you to university, or to learn trade or work. Would you sue him? Will the law be against him?

2. What if your parents were extremely poor that you thought the financial state of your parents hindered you from either learning trade or work or going to university. What if the only asses your parents have is the land your family's mud house is built on. Now all of a sudden, PHCN line or MTN mask or Federal road network fell on your family's house and you guys are being paid after a new house have been offered to you. Do you know that your parents my decide to train you in school or ensure you learn trade?
OR they might decide not to? Will you sue your parents? Or will the law call them to order?

Is your answer NO?
If yes, then you are not being honest. If No, then you are honest.

Now do you see why I say your parents do not owe you? Cos the have the right to give you a foundation to soar or not to. Its left to them.
So that your parents sent you to school or to learn trade, they did it because they foresaw the future and they want the best for you. Not because they owe you!!! So please be ever ready for opportunities and do not wait to see opportunities before you get ready. Gamble with life and let life gamble on you. Live like you are dead and die like you are alive. Life is risk taking. Don't depend on your parents ALWAYS!!!

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