Thursday, 14 May 2015

[PHOTO] A criminal got roasted in calabar

A criminal got roasted in calabar

Some group of boys known as 'scolombo boys' a
street in
Calabar South Local Government and some where
able to escape
while one was caught by the street residents and
the only thing
they could think of was to burn him alive!
I write this with so much sadness how the world
has so
degenerated to killing at any given time for any
given excuses.
What has the world turned into? I know stealing
is bad. But is it
enough to roast a human God created? We
scream don't kill! don't
kill! don't kill! But we are very fast to roast our
fellow human for a
simple thing as stealing... Which is better now..
Sharia law that
would have cut off his hands?
I ask again, why do we love taking laws into our
hands? Why do
we live like the 'hunger game' age?
It's really sad that citizens feel comfortable with
murdering a
fellow human being by burning him alive. And
someone, a young
woman for that matter feels so cool to draw close
and take a
photo of him, like he was some art work. This is
very depressing.

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