Friday, 12 February 2016

[DOPE GIST] 52 year old man gets pregnant with a child

A 52-year-old had to be hospitalised after he
kept insisting he was pregnant with a child in
Kozhikode, India.
The unemployed father of two children, who has
a postgraduate degree, cited abnormal
sensations in his abdomen and believed that he
was carrying a child.
He refused to believe th
at men do not get
pregnant and claimed that he could feel the baby
moving inside, insisting on bed rest and skipped
labour-intensive work.
According to Indian Times, his worried brother
took him to a hospital after he developed nausea
and curbed his food intake. The man admitted
that he “conceived” after he’s had sex with men.
Dr P N Suresh Kumar, who headed a team of
doctors at KMCT, after several tests concluded
that the patient was nursing a delusion which in
itself is an unusual case. His brother told
mystified doctors that the strange delusion
started around six months ago.
Kumar said delusion is a fixed abnormal belief
about something.
“We never came across this sort of case before.
He was an active homosexual in his adolescent
years which may have contributed to his beliefs.
“But, his homosexuality did not affect his
marriage.Usually , we see couvade syndrome in
some dads-to-be who show certain symptoms
of pregnancy (like nausea, weight gain or sleep
problems) when their partners get pregnant,” he
Interestingly, the doctors couldn’t detect any
gender identity disorders, gender dysphoria,
hallucinations, depression or anxiety during
treatment and the various test results showed
that he was normal, the report said.
This delusion had however been cured due to the
medical intervention. After a series of counselling
sessions, he stopped indulging in homosexual
activities. Now, the patient is recovering and we
are measuring his progress during periodic
check-ups, Kumar said.

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