Wednesday, 6 January 2016

NEW YEAR REVOLUTION : Sell your name to get fame


What is Kiss Daniels first song?

Woju right?

Which club did Kelechi Nwakali play before now?
No idea right?

Well kiss Daniel has been singing before now. For his family and friends . he sings and doesn't promote. Yet his family and friends praises him that he has done great. But yet he wasn't known. He had no name and thus no fame.

Kelechi nwakali has been in one academy or one street playing football. He has been doing quite well. In fact he has been playing the same great football he played in U17 world cup. Coach Amodu never taught him football. But yet in those academy in Nigeria, no Tottenham, Chelsea, man city, Barcelona etc wanted to sign him. You know why?

He had no name. He had no fame.

Sachet water is #10
Eva table water is #70

Is not just because of packaging but also branding.

Don't just wear good clothes and wears. Don't just be packaged with swag all because you has jumped on two or three beats or played three or four academies or acted q few movies or even if you're into business.

Packaging isn't all you need to have fame.

You need a name. Sell your name. Sell yourself. Then packaging only comes to sustain your brand. Yes! Not to get you fame. But to sustain your fake gotten by your brand.

Get fame by selling your name.

This is how to be a superstar.

By @iam_kulqee

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